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Question 1: Irritants are typically thought of as chemical agents (for example phenol and ________) but mechanical, thermal (heat) and radiative stimuli (for example ultraviolet light or ionising radiations) can also cause irritation.
Dimethyl sulfoxideCapsaicinDiclofenacIbuprofen

Question 2: In more basic organisms, assigning irritation the status of ________ is the perception of the being stimulated, which is not observable although it may be shared (see gate control theory of pain).
Chronic painPainNociceptorPain management

Question 3: In humans, it is a mild form of suffering, often with ________ about the suffering; in particular, if applicable, anger at the person who caused it.

Question 4: Irritation is apparently the only universal ________ shared by even single-celled creatures.
SenseChemosensorSensory systemOlfaction

Question 5: When an irritating object becomes trapped within an oyster's shell, it deposits layers of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), slowly increasing in size and producing a ________.

Question 6: These symptoms have been related to ________, which involves symptoms such as irritation to the eyes, skin, and upper airways, headache and fatigue.
Occupational safety and healthSick building syndromeWork–life balanceJob satisfaction

Question 7: Irritation or exacerbation, in biology and physiology, is a state of inflammation or painful reaction to ________ or cell-lining damage.
AllergyAnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host diseaseHypersensitivity

Question 8: Irritation also has non-clinical usages referring to bothersome physical or psychological ________ or discomfort.
Chronic painNociceptorPain managementPain

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