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Irritable bowel syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: [89] A separate ________ found that TCAs are best for patients with diarrhea-predominant IBS.
Odds ratioCrossover studyRandomized controlled trialBlind experiment

Question 2: Lubiprostone (Amitiza), is a gastrointestinal agent used for the treatment of idiopathic chronic ________ and constipation-predominant IBS.
Irritable bowel syndromeCrohn's diseaseUlcerative colitisConstipation

Question 3: Some people with IBS likely have food intolerances but at present the ________ is not strong enough to restrictive diets.
Clinical trialEpidemiologyRandomized controlled trialEvidence-based medicine

Question 4: The ________ provides a searchable database for grant awards since 1974 on its CRISP database, and provides dollar amounts for recent awards on its Intramural Grant Award Page.
Harbor HospitalNational Institutes of HealthGreater Baltimore Medical CenterJohns Hopkins Hospital

Question 5: These include gastrointestinal infections, lactose intolerance, and ________.
Crohn's diseaseMalabsorptionCoeliac diseaseAutoimmune hepatitis

Question 6: IBS may begin after an ________ (post-infectious, IBS-PI), a stressful life event, or onset of maturity without any other medical indicators.

Question 7: [60][69] ________ has been found to improve symptoms in a number of studies.
Thought suppressionImpulse (psychology)Cognitive behavioral therapyEdna B. Foa

Question 8: Unlike many laxative products, Lubiprostone does not show signs of tolerance, dependency, or altered serum ________ concentration.
ElectrolyteFuel cellLead-acid batteryHalf cell

Question 9: [42] Once other causes have been excluded, the diagnosis of IBS is performed using a diagnostic ________.
Algorithm characterizationsAlgorithmLogicAlan Turing

Question 10: ________ and hypnosis have been found to be the most beneficial.
Impulse (psychology)Thought suppressionCognitive behavioral therapyEdna B. Foa


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