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Question 1: Most of these irrigation systems still exist undamaged up to now, in ________ and Polonnaruwa, because of the advanced and precise engineering.
MahavamsaAnuradhapuraAshoka the GreatBodh Gaya

Question 2: The smart controller determines current conditions by means of historic weather data for the local area, a soil moisture sensors (water potential or ________), weather station, or a combination of these.
Hydraulic conductivityWater wellPorosityWater content

Question 3: It is a method of artificially raising the water table to allow the soil to be moistened from below the plants' ________ zone.
FruitRootFlowering plantPlant stem

Question 4: Here, a 'stairs' is made through the use of ground level differences which helps to decrease water ________ and also distributes the water to all patches (sort of irrigation).
TemperatureEvaporationGasWater vapor

Question 5: Sub-irrigation is also used in commercial ________ production, usually for potted plants.

Question 6: After the water source, the water usually travels through a ________.
Check valveDrip irrigationChemical plantMetering pump

Question 7: The system was extensively restored and further extended during the reign of King ________ (1153–1186 CE).
Parakramabahu I of Sri LankaKingdom of PolonnaruwaVijayabahu I of Sri LankaNissanka Malla of Sri Lanka

Question 8: Irrigation systems are also used for ________, disposal of sewage, and in mining.
ParticulateAir pollutionDustRoad

Question 9: Advantages are water and nutrient conservation, and labor-saving through lowered system maintenance and ________.
AutomationArtificial intelligenceDistributed control systemProcess control

Question 10: ________ has been used successfully on lawns, but it is more expensive than a more traditional sprinkler system.
AgricultureDesertDrainageDrip irrigation

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