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Iron Man (TV series): Quiz


Question 1: Off the heels of the release of the live-action Iron Man film in 2008, reruns began airing on the Jetix block on ________.
Disney XD (UK & Ireland)Toon DisneyDisney Channel RomaniaDisney Channel

Question 2:
Who narrated Iron Man (TV series)?
Fiona Foster,
Steve Day
Bob Godfrey
George Johnson

Question 3:
What network screens Iron Man (TV series)?
MBS-TBS, Animax, Kids Station, RCC Chugoku Broadcasting, SBS
Kids' WB, The CW4Kids
UPN Kids

Question 4:
Who of the following starred in Iron Man (TV series)?
Michael Rennie
Victoria Pratt,
Arline Judge
John Reilly

Question 5:
Where does Iron Man (TV series) come from?
New York , United States
, United States of America
United States 94134
United States

Question 6:
What company distributed Iron Man (TV series)?
RHI Entertainment
Universal Pictures
Saban Entertainment
Columbia Pictures

Question 7:
Which company produces Iron Man (TV series)?
Lorimar Television
Marvel Productions
Greenway Productions
Foxx-Hole Productions

Question 8: Neil Ross - ________, Wellington Yinsen, Howard Walter Stark (Season 1), Blizzard ("The Beast Within" only)
MODOKJack KirbyFin Fang FoomStan Lee

Question 9: ________ - The Mandarin (Season 1), Grey Gargoyle, Ultimo
Freakazoid!Batman: The Animated SeriesEd GilbertThe A-Team

Question 10: Tom Kane - ________, Century ("Hands of the Mandarin" only), Stingray, Ghost (shared), Sunturion
Iron ManStark TowerAdvanced Idea MechanicsStan Lee


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