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Question 1: Since the 1970s ________, a prominent historian of religion, fiction writer and philosopher, has been criticized for having supported the Iron Guard in the 1930s.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelAtheismMircea EliadeGnosticism

Question 2: In the first months of ________, Romania was officially neutral.
Soviet occupationsWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 3: However, the legionnaires shared the fascist penchant for violence, up to and including political ________.
Honor killingAssassinationInfanticideMass murder

Question 4: "Romania", pg 219-222 (________ Press, 1995, ISBN 0-19-289249-5).
University of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of SouthamptonOxford Brookes University

Question 5: With Codreanu as a charismatic leader, the Legion was known for skillful ________, including a very capable use of spectacle.
IndoctrinationDisinformationAd hominemPropaganda

Question 6: There was a Peronist faction in early 1970s ________ known as the Guardia de Hierro (Spanish for Iron Guard) which had no connection to Romanian fascism.
Buenos AiresBrazilChileArgentina

Question 7: An aborted 1945 mission of the ________ Iron Guardists in Greece.
KrashovaniBanat BulgariansAromanian languageAromanians

Question 8: Influential Sicilian Traditionalist rightist ________'s analysis of the Iron Guard: The Tragedy of the Romanian Iron Guard: Codreanu
Meditations on the PeaksFascismJulius EvolaMen Among the Ruins

Question 9: Nagy-Talavera (________, 1970).
The Stanford ReviewHoover InstitutionSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryStanford University

Question 10: Initially, the Iron Guard hoped to encompass any political faction, regardless of its position on the political spectrum, that wished to combat the rise of ________ in the USSR.
SocialismMarxismCommunismCommunist state


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