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Question 1: Iron Fist appeared in the pages of ________ #24, in which he is retired after the death of Misty Knight, his wife in this universe.
Spider-GirlNormie OsbornBen ReillyBenjamin Richard Parker

Question 2:
What was Iron Fist (comics) allied to?

Question 3:
When did Iron Fist (comics) make his debut?
Fantastic Four #1
Strange Adventures #104
Captain Britain #1
Marvel Premiere #15

Question 4:

Question 5:
What powers does Iron Fist (comics) have?
Super-strength, agility, flight
Psionic detection of beings
Empathic senses and psychic healing, aura vision
Master martial artist

Question 6:
What company publishes Iron Fist (comics)?

Question 7: Later, he appeared in the Warriors story-arc (issues #79-85) along with Shang Chi, ________, and others.
Luke CageBlack Panther (comics)Spider-ManMoon Knight

Question 8: He can be seen in several splash panels, as well being bitten by a zombie version of ________, and again punching a hole through a zombified Black Cat and once again being bitten.
Luke CageWolverine (comics)Black Panther (comics)Stan Lee

Question 9: To this end, she takes the identity of Death Sting, bringing her into conflict with Iron Fist as well as with ________.
HYDRAAdvanced Idea MechanicsNick FuryS.H.I.E.L.D.

Question 10: During the Civil War, he was opposed to the Super-human Registration Act, joining ________ while still pretending to be Daredevil.
Wolverine (comics)Captain AmericaAdvanced Idea MechanicsHYDRA

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