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Iron Crown of Lombardy: Quiz


Question 1: On March 1, 1026, Heribert, the ________, crowned Emperor Conrad II at Milan instead of Pavia.
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of MilanProvince of MilanRescaldinaSolaro

Question 2: How it fell into the hands of the ________ kings, Germanic conquerors of northern Italy, is not well explained.
LombardsGermanic peoplesFranksSuebi

Question 3: Emperor Charles V was crowned in ________ by Pope Clement VII on February 22, 1530.

Question 4: It was later used in ________'s coronation.
Lothair IAlboinCharlemagneLouis the Pious

Question 5: On May 26, 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte had himself crowned ________ at Milan, with suitable splendour and magnificence.
CharlemagneKing of ItalyUmberto I of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of Italy

Question 6: From the 9th to the 18th century, the Kings of Italy were also the Holy Roman Emperors, so many of them received the Iron Crown of Lombardy at ________, the formal capital of the Kingdom.

Question 7: A surprising image of the Iron Crown figures in Chaper 37 "Sunset" of ________'s Moby-Dick.
Arthur RansomeJoshua SlocumJoseph ConradHerman Melville

Question 8: After the war between Austria and Italy, when the Austrians had to withdraw from Lombardy in 1859, the Iron Crown was moved to ________, where it remained until 1866 when it was given back to Italy after the Third Italian War of Independence.

Question 9: It is kept in the Cathedral of Monza near ________.
MilanItalyCorbetta, ItalyRome

Question 10: Famous emperors such as ________, Otto I, Henry IV, and Frederick I Barbarossa were crowned with it.
CharlemagneLouis the PiousAlboinLothair I


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