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Irkalla: Quiz


Question 1: In Akkadian and ________, Irkalla (also Ir-Kalla, Irkalia) is the hell-like underworld from which there is no return.
Sumerian religionMe (mythology)Mesopotamian mythologyBabylonian mythology

Question 2: The Sumerian netherworld was a place for the bodies of the dead to exist after ________.
ImmortalityBurialDeath and cultureDeath

Question 3: Irkalla is ruled by the death god ________ (in Babylonian mythology) and his consort Ereshkigal.

Question 4: It is different from more hopeful visions of the ________ that later appeared in Platonic philosophy, Judaism, and Christianity.

Question 5: As the subterranean destination for all who die, Irkalla is similar to Sheol of the Hebrew Bible or ________ of classic Greek mythology.

Question 6: (In Babylonian mythology) Both the deity and the location were called Irkalla, much like how Hades in ________ is both the name of the underworld and the god who ruled it.
ApolloGreek mythologyMuseHera


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