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Question 1: ________ and other HLA-B27 related disorders[2]
Rheumatoid arthritisSpondyloarthropathyArthritisAnkylosing spondylitis

Question 2: Steroid-sparing agents such as ________ (for prolonged, chronic iritis)

Question 3: Synechia (adhesion of iris to lens or ________)
RetinaScleraIris (anatomy)Cornea

Question 4: White blood cells (________) (seen as tiny white dots, clinically termed cells) and protein (resulting in a grey or near-white haze, clinically termed flare) leak into the anterior chamber.
Eosinophil granulocytePhagocyteNeutrophil granulocyteWhite blood cell

Question 5: ________ anti-inflammatory eye drops (such as prednisolone acetate)
MetabolismTestosteroneLipid metabolismSteroid

Question 6: Dilating eye drops (to help prevent synechia and reduce ________)
ConjunctivitisPathologic nystagmusUveitisPhotophobia

Question 7: Iritis is a form of anterior uveitis and refers to the inflammation of the iris of the ________.
Nervous systemBrainEyeSensory system


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