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Question 1: The ePassport or ________, was launched on 16 October 2006 with the first ePassports presented that day by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passportAlbanian passportUnited States passportBiometric passport

Question 2: To prevent unauthorised parties remotely accessing the information stored in the ________ biometric chip, the machine readable zone of the identity page must be scanned to unlock it.
ShanghaiRadio-frequency identificationLondonUnited States

Question 3: The ________ (as the state was known between 1922 and 1937) first notified the Government of the United Kingdom that it proposed to issue its own passports in 1923.
Anglo-Irish TreatyIrelandNorthern IrelandIrish Free State

Question 4: ________ passport cover as issued 1927 (holder's name removed)
Anglo-Irish TreatyIrish Free StateIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 5: The ________ subsequently informed the British Government that the description that would generally (there were some exceptions) be used would be "Citizen of the Irish Free State and of the British Commonwealth of Nations".
Statute of Westminster 1931Constitution of the Irish Free StateAnglo-Irish TreatyGovernor-General of the Irish Free State

Question 6: Irish passports are issued by the Consular and Passport Division of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs in ________, Ireland.

Question 7: It was reported that all 11 are believed to be ________ agents, a claim not directly denied by the Israeli authorities.
MossadMilitary Intelligence Directorate (Israel)Israeli Intelligence CommunityCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 8: 2 Name disputed by Greece; see ________.
AzerbaijanCyprusMacedonia naming disputeSerbia

Question 9: Irish ________ use the standard EU design, with a machine-readable identity page and 32, 48 or 64 visa pages.
Kosovan passportBritish National (Overseas)PassportTrinidad and Tobago passport

Question 10: Six of the killers used false ________ while one carried a fake French passport and one a German passport.
Trinidad and Tobago passportCanadian passportBritish passportBritish National (Overseas)


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