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Question 1: (See also ________)
Ireland 1536–1691Penal Laws (Ireland)Gaelic IrelandUlster

Question 2: In 1896, ________, founded the Irish Socialist Republican Party in Dublin.
James ConnollyConstance MarkiewiczEaster RisingPatrick Pearse

Question 3: In 1998, both Sinn Féin and the SDLP signed the ________, which instituted power sharing within a devolved government in Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland ExecutiveBelfast AgreementSt Andrews AgreementNorthern Ireland Assembly

Question 4: In response, Nationalists formed their own paramilitary group, the ________, to ensure the implementation of Home Rule.
Irish VolunteersIrish nationalismEaster RisingHome Rule Act 1914

Question 5: The Treaty offered Ireland as a whole independence within the British Commonwealth and a status comparable to that of Canada and ________.
United KingdomJamaicaBarbadosAustralia

Question 6: In 1940, the government of ________ promised to accept the principle of a united Ireland and to work towards achieving the same in return for Irish participation in the War.
Neville ChamberlainWinston ChurchillHarold MacmillanStanley Baldwin

Question 7: He was allegedly sworn into the secret ________ in May 1882.
Irish Republican BrotherhoodJoseph McGarrityHindu–German ConspiracyClan na Gael

Question 8: The amended Home Rule Act was passed and placed with ________ on the statute books, but was suspended after the outbreak of World War I in 1914, until the end of the war.
Reserve powerUnited KingdomSpainRoyal Assent

Question 9: Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom, but has a substantial nationalist minority who would prefer to be part of a ________.
Irish nationalismUnited IrelandThe TroublesIrish republicanism

Question 10: Ireland has been subject to varying degrees of rule from England since the late 12th century (See ________).
Prehistoric IrelandIreland 1536–1691Norman IrelandIreland 800–1169

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