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Question 1: The stories concern the doings of ________ and his band of soldiers, the Fianna.
Fionn mac CumhaillOisínCormac mac AirtIrish mythology

Question 2: The story has captured the imaginations of contemporary Irish poets and has been translated by Trevor Joyce and ________.
Allen GinsbergSeamus HeaneyJoseph BrodskyJ. R. R. Tolkien

Question 3: It was once unquestioned that medieval Irish literature preserved truly ancient traditions in a form virtually unchanged through centuries of oral tradition back to the ancient ________ of Europe.
Celtic languagesGaulGaulsCelts

Question 4: It consists of a group of heroic tales dealing with the lives of ________, king of Ulster, the great hero Cú Chulainn, the son of Lug, and of their friends, lovers, and enemies.
MedbUlster CycleConchobar mac NessaFergus mac Róich

Question 5: Samhain, Calan Gaeaf
Imbolc, Gŵyl Fair
________, Calan Mai
Lughnasadh, Calan Awst
Celtic Reconstructionist PaganismCeltic mythologyBeltaneTír na nÓg

Question 6: ), housed in the ________ at Oxford University.
Bodley's LibrarianJohn Price (librarian)Edward Nicholson (librarian)Bodleian Library

Question 7: The stories of the Fenian Cycle appear to be set around the 3rd century and mainly in the provinces of Leinster and ________.
IrelandLimerickMunsterCork (city)

Question 8: The Ulaid had close links with the Irish colony in ________, and part of Cú Chulainn's training takes place in that colony.
WalesEnglandScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 9: Like the Ulster Cycle, the ________ is concerned with the deeds of Irish heroes.
Fenian CycleIrish mythologyCeltic mythologyAengus

Question 10: Irish mythology
Scottish mythology
Hebridean mythology
Tuatha Dé Danann
Mythological Cycle
Ulster Cycle
Cath FinntrághaCeltic mythologyAengusFenian Cycle


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