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Question 1: In percentage terms, Boston is the most Irish city[citation needed] in the United States and ________ the most Irish state[citation needed].
MaineMassachusettsConnecticutRhode Island

Question 2: [citation needed] To this day, Montserrat is the only country or territory in the world, apart from the Republic of Ireland, ________, and the Canadian province of Newfoundland to observe a public holiday on St Patrick's Day.
Northern IrelandUnited KingdomIrish peopleScotland

Question 3: A large, vibrant Irish community can also be found in the Miramichi region of ________.
CanadaLouisianaOrganisation internationale de la FrancophonieNew Brunswick

Question 4: When Chilean troops occupied ________ during the War of the Pacific in 1881, they put in charge certain Patricio Lynch, whose grandfather came from Ireland to Argentina and then moved to Chile.
CallaoMexico CityLimaBuenos Aires

Question 5: ________ was Labour Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1976 to 1979.
Arthur HendersonJames CallaghanRab ButlerGordon Brown

Question 6: Prime Ministers Callaghan and Blair have been amongst the many in Britain of part Irish ancestry, with Blair's mother coming from ________.
BallyshannonLiffordCounty DonegalLetterkenny

Question 7: The parade in Boston is closely associated with Evacuation Day, when ________ and his troops forced the British out of Boston during the Revolutionary War.
Alexander HamiltonGeorge WashingtonUlysses S. GrantDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 8: ________, dancer and creatorof Riverdance
Celtic Tiger LiveMichael FlatleyJean ButlerIreland

Question 9: [11] By the mid-17th century, Irish indentured servants or slaves, probably expelled during the ________,[12] were present in the colony.
Siege of DroghedaIrish Confederate WarsSiege of WaterfordCromwellian conquest of Ireland

Question 10: ________, boxer, also known as The Cinderella Man
Joe LouisJames J. BraddockMax SchmelingMax Baer (boxer)


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