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Irish National Liberation Army: Quiz


Question 1: Its goal is to remove ________ from the United Kingdom and create a united Ireland.
Irish peopleWalesNorthern IrelandScotland

Question 2: ________
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Ulster Defence Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Ulster Special Constabulary
Garda Síochána
Irish Army
British Armed ForcesTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)Royal Military PoliceBritish Army

Question 3: In 1997, an INLA man named John Morris was shot dead by Gardaí (Irish Police) in ________ during the attempted robbery of a newspaper distributor's depot in Inchicore.

Question 4: [7] This was followed by several more assassinations on both sides, the most prominent victim being Seamus Costello, who was shot dead on the North Strand Road in ________ on 6 October 1977.

Question 5: It was also said to be partaking in "serious crimes" such as ________, extortion, robbery, fuel laundering and smuggling.
Illegal drug tradeHeroinAlcoholic beverageProhibition (drugs)

Question 6: Costello espoused a mixture of traditional Republican militarism and ________-oriented politics.
Karl MarxDialectical materialismDialecticMarxism

Question 7: The Irish National Liberation Army (Irish: Arm Saoirse Náisiúnta na hÉireann) or INLA is an ________ socialist paramilitary group that was formed on 8 December 1974.
Irish republicanismProvisional Irish Republican ArmyThe TroublesOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 8: The organisation is classified as a proscribed terrorist group in the UK and as an illegal organisation in the ________.
United KingdomUnited StatesRepublic of IrelandMalta

Question 9: In December 2007, disturbances broke out at an INLA parade in the Bogside in ________ between watchers and Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officers attempting to arrest four of the marchers.

Question 10: The most prominent victim of the re-started feud was ________, the commander of the OIRA in Belfast, shot by INLA member Gerard Steenson.
Billy McMillen1969 Northern Ireland riotsProvisional Irish Republican ArmyFalls Curfew

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