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Question 1: At Schiphol Airport, ________, iris recognition has permitted passport-free immigration since 2001.

Question 2: In Dan Brown's 2000 novel ________, an assassin gains access to a top secret CERN laboratory using a scientist's eye.
The Da Vinci CodeAngels & DemonsAngels & Demons (film)Robert Langdon

Question 3: The sequence of ________ being verified is shown in the title sequence.
NCIS (TV series)Leroy Jethro GibbsZiva DavidAnthony DiNozzo

Question 4: Testing for retinal ________ (red-eye effect)
Head-up displayHeadlampGlobal Positioning SystemRetroreflector

Question 5: Changing ambient lighting during the identification (switching on a bright lamp), such that the pupillary reflex can be verified and the iris image be recorded at several different ________ diameters
Iris dilator muscleCiliary muscleRetinaPupil

Question 6: ________ features a scene where a robber gets into the CalSci facility by cracking the code assigned to a specific iris.
Pilot (Numb3rs)Numb3rsScorched (Numb3rs)Killer Chat (Numb3rs)

Question 7: ________ (2007) features a scene that illustrates the difficulty of image acquisition in iris recognition.
The Simpsons MovieThe Simpsons (season 10)The Simpsons (franchise)The Simpsons (season 14)

Question 8: In Demolition Man (1993), a character played by ________ uses the Warden's gouged eye to gain access through a security door.
Spike LeeBlade (comics)Blade (film series)Wesley Snipes

Question 9: It is an internal organ that is well protected against damage and wear by a highly transparent and sensitive membrane (the ________).
Iris (anatomy)RetinaScleraCornea

Question 10: ________ IrisGuard's Homeland Security Border Control has been operating an expellee tracking system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 2001, when the UAE launched a national border-crossing security initiative.
United Arab EmiratesJordanSaudi ArabiaQatar


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