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Question 1: Those with small iridodialyses may be asymptomatic and require no treatment, but those with larger dialyses may have corectopia or polycoria and experience monocular diplopia, glare, or ________.
Pathologic nystagmusPhotophobiaConjunctivitisUveitis

Question 2: [3] An iridodialysis may be an ________ complication of any intraocular surgery[4][5][6] and at one time they were created intentionally as part of intracapsular cataract extraction.
IatrogenesisMedicineChemotherapyAdverse effect

Question 3: Red blood cells may decrease the outflow of aqueous humor, therefore the eye should be kept soft by giving oral ________.
Sulfonamide (medicine)AcetazolamideTopiramateDiazepam

Question 4: Iridodialyses are usually caused by blunt trauma to the ________,[2] but may also be caused by penetrating eye injuries.
EyeSensory systemBrainNervous system

Question 5: [18][19][20] Iridodialyses often accompany angle recession[21] and may cause ________[3] or hyphema.

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