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Question 1: The drama Aravan Kalappali tells the story of Aravan, who is suited as a sacrifice to the goddess ________ so the Pandavas (Arjuna and his brothers) can win the Mahabharata war.
MahakaliYugaKaliKāla (time)

Question 2: The Mahabharata portrays Iravan as dying a heroic death in the 18-day ________, which is the epic's main subject (and referred to hereafter as the Mahabharata war).
Kurukshetra WarKrishnaArjunaDuryodhana

Question 3: Krishna suggested Yudhishtira-the eldest of the Pandavas, to sacrifice Aravan to goddess ________ as a part of ayudha-puja ("worship of the weapons").
KaliKāla (time)MahakaliYuga

Question 4: Iravan (Sanskrit: इरावान्, Irāvāṇ), also known as Iravat (Sanskrit: इरावत्, Irāvat)[1] and Iravant, is a character from the ________ epic Mahabharata.

Question 5: [36] To fulfil the second wish, Krishna helped Alambusha by sending the true ________ or by advising Alambusha to assume the form of Garuda by a heavenly voice.

Question 6: He was the son of the Pandava prince ________ — a protagonist of the Mahabharata— and Naga princess Ulupi.
DurvasaDuryodhanaBhagavad GitaArjuna

Question 7: Later, Iravan went to Indraloka, the abode of the god ________ - the divine father of Arjuna, to meet Arjuna, where Arjuna requested his assistance him in the Kurukshetra War.

Question 8: Thus Iravan reached the battlefield of ________ to assist his father and Pandavas against their cousin opponents the Kauravas.

Question 9: Lord ________, a close friend and the guide of the Pandavas heard this and devised a plan to ensure that Aravan is sacrificed by Pandavas, rather than the Kauravas.
KrishnaBalaramaBhagavad GitaVyasa

Question 10: However, the South Indian cults transmit a legend of Aravan's self-sacrifice to the goddess ________, to ensure her favour and the victory of the Pandavas in the war.
Kāla (time)MahakaliYugaKali

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