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Iraqi diaspora: Quiz


Question 1: The current Iraqi population in ________ is estimated at around 150, but exact figures are difficult to ascertain, as many have slipped away into the country's large urban centres unregistered.

Question 2: In 2004, the ________ estimated that 100,000 Iraqis were living in Yemen.
United Nations Human Settlements ProgrammeUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNICEFJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Question 3: The Iraqi ________ is not a sudden exodus but one that has grown exponentially through the 20th century as each generation faced some form of radical transition or political conflict.

Question 4: There are around 56,000 Iraqis in ________.

Question 5: The history of emigration and of the diaspora community then drastically changed with the ________ in 2003.
Refugees of IraqIraqi insurgencyPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present2003 invasion of Iraq

Question 6: The current population of Iraqis in ________ is estimated at around 8,200.
United KingdomItalyCanadaFrance

Question 7: Sources claim 460 Iraqi refugees are living in ________.

Question 8: Further Information: ________
LondonIraqi diaspora in EuropeOsloStockholm

Question 9: Since the war in 2003, despite not sharing a border with Iraq, ________ has become a host country for many Iraqi refugees.
SomaliaUnited Arab EmiratesYemenSaudi Arabia

Question 10: Sources claim there are 450 Iraqi refugees living in ________.


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