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Iraqi Jews: Quiz


Question 1: But unfortunately ________ and geonim only too soon began to rival each other.
TalmudSassanid EmpireSephardi JewsExilarch

Question 2: It was only with ________'s campaign that accurate information concerning the Jews in the East reached the western world.
Ptolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 3: Omar and Othman were followed by ________ (656), with whom the Jews of Babylonia sided as against his rival Mo'awiyah.
Islamic schools and branchesSahabaShia IslamAli

Question 4: The first was in the time of ________ in 597 BCE, when, in retaliation for a refusal to pay tribute, the temple of Jerusalem was partially despoiled and a number of the leading citizens removed (Daniel 5:1-5).

Question 5: Leaving an existing Babylonian academy at ________ to his friend Samuel, Rab founded a new academy in Sura, where he held property.
ExilarchTalmudNehardeaAkiva ben Joseph

Question 6: For this reason the traditions of Iraqi Jewry cannot be regarded as continuous with the Babylonian tradition of ________ or Geonic times, but are a variant of those of Middle Eastern Jewry generally.
Jewish philosophyMidrashRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 7: The Talmud was compiled in ________, identified with modern Iraq.
BabyloniaAssyriaAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 8: Trent Gegax, Newsweek Web Exclusive, ________

Question 9: This article incorporates text from the 1901–1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementPublic domainCopyrightIntellectual property

Question 10: A Jewish preacher, Abdallah ibn Saba, of southern Arabia, who had embraced ________, held forth in support of his new religion, expounded Mohammed's appearance in a Jewish sense.
MosqueIslamic schools and branchesIslamMuslim history


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