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Iraq War insurgent attacks: Quiz


Question 1: One study has compared the number of insurgent attacks in Iraq to the number of "anti-resolve" statements in the ________, the release of public opinion polls, and geographic variations in access to international media by Iraqis.
Media of the United StatesMusic of the United StatesTechnological and industrial history of the United StatesUnited States

Question 2: After the ________, insurgents, militias and terrorists began launching attacks on both domestic and foreign military targets, as well as civilian targets.
Refugees of IraqCivil war in Iraq2003 invasion of IraqPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present

Question 3: Since then, they have ________ more than 200 foreigners and thousands of Iraqis; among them, 30 foreign hostages have been killed.

Question 4: Beginning in ________, members of the Iraqi insurgency began taking hostage foreign civilians in Iraq.
October 2004April 2004November 2004April 2005

Question 5: During 2007, insurgents exploded several ________ containers attacking Iraqi civilians.

Question 6: In the beginning, foreign civilian targets were attacked, like the Jordanian embassy, UN and ________ headquarters.
Austrian Red CrossAmerican Red CrossMagen David AdomInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Question 7: ________ (2003)
Sérgio Vieira de MelloCyprusBosnia and HerzegovinaLebanon

Question 8: When foreigners became more protected or simply fled Iraq, ordinary Iraqi civilians were attacked, because of ________ divisions.
SerbsSectarianismEthnic cleansingProtestant Reformation


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