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Iranian plateau: Quiz


Question 1: It also includes smaller parts of the ________ and Turkmenistan.

Question 2: The Encyclopedia Britannica excludes "lowland Khuzestan" explicitly[4] and characterizes ________ as spanning "the region from the Mesopotamian plain to the Iranian Plateau".
KassitesSassanid EmpireMedesElam

Question 3: Several small streams that empty into the ________ or landlocked Lake Van also originate in these mountains.
Baltic SeaMediterranean SeaAegean SeaBlack Sea

Question 4: The kingdoms of ________ known from cuneiform sources may have been located in the Central Iranian Plateau.
Sumerian King ListSumerArattaElam

Question 5: The Iranian plateau, also known as the Persian plateau[1][2] is a geological formation in Southwest Asia and ________.
IndiaSouth AsiaPunjabi languageBrāhmī script

Question 6: As a historical region, it includes Parthia, Media and eastern Persia, the heartlands of Greater Persia (mainly Iran and western ________).
NATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNon-Aligned Movement

Question 7: It extends from East Azerbaijan Province in northwest of Iran (Persia) to southern ________ and Pakistan.
NATOAfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence Agency


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