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Question 1:
What engine does the Iosif Stalin tank use?
Ford V-8 model 48
12-cyl. diesel model V-2
Mercedes-Benz Model OM 402A V8 liquid-cooled diesel
Model V-44 12-cyl. diesel

Question 2:
In which of these wars was the Iosif Stalin tank used?

Question 3:
Who designed Iosif Stalin tank?

Question 4:

Question 5: ________, England.
Fleet Air Arm MuseumRoyal Air Force Museum LondonImperial War Museum DuxfordRoyal Air Force Museum Cosford

Question 6: The IS-3 was used in the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary and the ________ in 1968.
Prague SpringIron CurtainComeconEastern Bloc

Question 7: By the 1950s, the emergence of the ________ concept - combining medium tank mobility with the firepower of the heavy tank - had rendered heavy tanks obsolete in Soviet operational doctrine.
Tank classificationPanzer IVPanzer IT-34

Question 8: Because Marshal ________ had fallen out of political favour, the new heavy tank series was named Iosif Stalin tank.
Kliment VoroshilovSemyon TimoshenkoJoseph StalinLeonid Brezhnev

Question 9: The ________ of Soviet heavy tanks was criticized by their crews for their low mobility, and lack of any heavier armament than the T-34 medium tank.
T-26 tankBT tankKliment Voroshilov tankIosif Stalin tank

Question 10: The IS-2 was put into service in April 1944, and was used as a spearhead in the ________ by the Red Army in the final stage of the war.
Battle of BerlinEastern Front (World War II)Vistula–Oder OffensiveOperation Bagration

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