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Ion exchange: Quiz


Question 1: Ion exchange is a method widely used in household (________ and water filters) to produce soft water.
Tide (brand)Laundry detergentPrimary productionRinso

Question 2: Ion-exchange processes are used to separate and purify metals, including separating uranium from plutonium and other actinides, including thorium, and ________,neodymium, ytterbium, samarium, lutetium, from each other and the other lanthanides.

Question 3: Then, the plutonium and uranium are available for making nuclear-energy materials, such as new reactor fuel and ________.
Nuclear weapons testingNuclear arms raceNuclear weaponNuclear proliferation

Question 4: polymeric or mineralic insoluble ion exchangers are widely used for water softening, water purification, water ________, etc.
Human decontaminationPennsylvaniaMass decontaminationCarnegie Mellon University

Question 5: Ion exchangers are used in ________ and the treatment of radioactive waste.
Nuclear chemistryNuclear reprocessingUraniumPlutonium

Question 6: Organic acids, often molecules containing -COO (________) functional groups
EsterAlkaneCarboxylic acidAlcohol

Question 7: Zirconium is practically transparent to free neutrons, used in building reactors, but hafnium is a very strong absorber of neutrons, used in reactor ________.
PlutoniumBoronControl rodUranium

Question 8: An important area of the application is extraction and purification of biologically produced substances such as proteins and ________ (e.g.
MetabolismAmino acid synthesisL-DOPAAmino acid

Question 9: Ion exchange resins in the form of thin membranes are used in chloralkali process, ________ and vanadium redox batteries.
Zinc-air batteryFlow batteryFuel cellLead-acid battery

Question 10: The ion-exchange process is also used to separate other sets of very similar chemical elements, such as zirconium and ________, which incidentally is also very important for the nuclear industry.


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