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Question 1: Instead, most Ionian mountains form as the result of compressive stresses on the base of the lithosphere, which uplift and often tilt chunks of Io's crust through ________.
MélangeThrust tectonicsContinental crustThrust fault

Question 2: Unlike the Earth and the Moon, Io's main source of internal heat comes from tidal dissipation rather than radioactive ________ decay, the result of Io's orbital resonance with Europa and Ganymede.
IsotopeStable nuclideAtomTechnetium

Question 3:

Question 4:
What is Io (moon) also known as?
Jupiter I
1997 SQ
1986 TL4
1993 OM3

Question 5: The first spacecraft to pass by Io were the twin ________ and 11 probes on December 3, 1973 and December 2, 1974 respectively.
Pioneer 10Cassini–HuygensJupiterNew Horizons

Question 6: Io has an extremely thin ________ consisting mainly of sulfur dioxide (SO2), with minor constituents including sulfur monoxide (SO), sodium chloride (NaCl), and atomic sulfur and oxygen.
AtmosphereNeptuneExtraterrestrial atmospheresGanymede (moon)

Question 7: The location of Io and its auroral footprint with respect to the Earth and Jupiter has a strong influence on Jovian ________ emissions from our vantage point: when Io is visible, radio signals from Jupiter increase considerably.
Radio broadcastingMicrowaveRadioAmateur radio

Question 8: It is a slight ________ in shape, with its longest axis directed toward Jupiter.
EllipseOblate spheroidEllipsoidLatitude

Question 9: [24] Radio telescopic observations revealed Io's influence on the Jovian ________, as demonstrated by decametric wavelength bursts tied to the orbital period of Io.
MagnetopauseMagnetosphereVan Allen radiation beltAurora (astronomy)

Question 10: The New Horizons spacecraft, en route to Pluto and the ________, flew by the Jupiter system and Io on February 28, 2007.
Trans-Neptunian objectKuiper beltScattered discOort cloud


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