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Question 1: Parallel curve | ________ | Involute | Pedal curve | Contrapedal curve | Negative pedal curve | Dual curve | Inverse curve
CatenaryEvoluteEnvelope (mathematics)Cycloid

Question 2: The involute of a circle is also an important shape in gas compressing, as a ________ is built up of two of those.
Scroll-type superchargerScroll compressorLiquidG-Lader

Question 3: The evolute of an involute is the original curve, less portions of zero or undefined ________.
Gaussian curvatureCurvaturePrincipal curvatureFrenet–Serret formulas

Question 4: ________ proposed to use the involute of the circle for the shape of the teeth of toothwheel gear, a design which is the prevailing one in current use, called involute gear.
Isaac NewtonLeonhard EulerJoseph Louis LagrangePierre-Simon Laplace

Question 5: The involute of a ________ through its vertex is a tractrix.
CatenaryParabolaRobert HookeGateway Arch


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