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Question 1: The concept was further developed by a group of college students from 1994 to 1995 on the ISCA ________-based BBS.
Secure ShellIPsecInternet Relay ChatTelnet

Question 2: The students created a ________ that detailed a nonsensical (yet internally consistent) religion based on a multitude of invisible pink unicorns.
Karl MarxArt manifestoManifestoParty platform

Question 3: In 1996, a unicorn that no one can see was adapted as a teaching device at Camp Quest, the first free-thought summer camp for kids established in the ________, by Dr.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 4: The earliest known written reference to the IPU was on July 7, 1990[4] on the ________ discussion group alt.atheism.
UsenetInternet forumInstant messagingE-mail

Question 5: Similar to the Abrahamic ________, the Invisible Pink Unicorn is said to have an "opponent" in the Purple Oyster.
GodDevilSatanChristian teaching about the Devil

Question 6: The IPU is used to argue that supernatural beliefs are arbitrary by, for example, replacing the word ________ in any theistic statement with Invisible Pink Unicorn.

Question 7: The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is the ________ of a parody religion used to satirize theistic beliefs, taking the form of a unicorn that is paradoxically both invisible and pink.
PolytheismDeityGoddessFeminist theology

Question 8: [3] The mutually exclusive attributes of pinkness and invisibility, coupled with the inability to disprove the IPU's existence, satirize properties that some theists attribute to a theistic ________[2].


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