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Question 1: ________, either individually or in groups
Leveraged buyoutVenture capitalAngel investorManagement buyout

Question 2: ________, hedge funds, and other funds, ownership of which may or may not be publicly traded (these funds typically pool money raised from their owner-subscribers to invest in securities)
Passive managementMutual fundExchange-traded fundEfficient-market hypothesis

Question 3: Collectors of ________, antiques, and other things of value

Question 4: The term implies that a party purchases and holds assets in hopes of achieving capital gain or cash flow, not as a ________ or for short-term income
LicensureProfessionFirst professional degreeBritish qualified accountants

Question 5: In this respect, an important distinctive ________ trait is risk attitude.
Law and economicsBehavioral economicsHeterodox economicsEconomics

Question 6: The term has taken on a specific meaning in ________ to describe the particular types of people and companies that regularly purchase equity or debt securities for financial gain in exchange for funding an expanding company.
Capital (economics)Financial marketFinanceInterest rate

Question 7: Less frequently, the term is applied to parties who purchase real estate, currency, commodity derivatives, personal property, or other ________.
Balance sheetAssetValuation (finance)Cash flow statement

Question 8: ________ that make investments, either directly or via a captive fund
CorporationBusinessCompanies lawCorporate law

Question 9: ________ funds, which serve as investment collectives on behalf of individuals, companies, pension plans, insurance reserves, or other funds.
Venture capitalInstitutional investorPrivate equityPrivate equity secondary market

Question 10: Investment trusts, including ________
DividendStock exchangeReal estate investment trustStock market


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