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Question 1: Investment casting is used in the ________ and power generation industries to produce turbine blades with complex shapes or cooling systems.
BiotechnologyNuclear technologyAerospaceAerospace engineering

Question 2: Produce a master pattern: An artist or mold-maker creates an original pattern from wax, ________, wood, plastic, steel, or another material.
ClaySoilSoil liquefactionSand

Question 3: Its earliest use was for idols, ornaments and jewellery, using natural ________ for patterns, clay for the moulds and manually operated bellows for stoking furnaces.
ScissorsButtonBeeswaxTracing paper

Question 4: This process has been evolved over years into the current process of melting out the virgin wax in an ________ or furnace.
Laboratory glasswareAgar plateThermometerAutoclave

Question 5: Drying can be enhanced by applying a vacuum or minimizing the environmental ________.
Water vaporHumidityPrecipitation (meteorology)Wind

Question 6: It is then turned upside-down and placed in a furnace or ________ to melt out and/or vaporize the wax.
Laboratory glasswareAutoclaveThermometerAgar plate

Question 7: by Theophilus Presbyter, a monk who described various manufacturing processes, including the recipe for ________.

Question 8: It is generally more expensive per unit than ________ or sand casting but with lower equipment cost.
DrossMetalworkingDie castingCasting defect

Question 9: This process is also used to cast refractory ________ under the term vacuum casting.
SolidCeramic materialsCeramic engineeringCeramic

Question 10: Investment casting is an industrial process based on and also called ________, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques.
Lost-wax castingCyprusEgyptJewellery


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