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Question 1: ________ can feed energy back into the distribution network because they produce alternating current with the same wave shape and frequency as supplied by the distribution system.
Grid tie inverterNet meteringInverter (electrical)Solar inverter

Question 2: This type of operation can be used in HVDC power transmission systems and in ________ operation of motor control systems.
Formula OneRegenerative brake2009 Formula One season2008 Formula One season

Question 3: Since most loads contain inductance, feedback rectifiers or antiparallel ________ are often connected across each semiconductor switch to provide a path for the peak inductive load current when the switch is turned off.
DiodeSemiconductor deviceVacuum tubeElectronic component

Question 4: Inverters are commonly used to supply AC power from DC sources such as ________ or batteries.
Solar cellPhotovoltaic moduleThin film solar cellPhotovoltaics

Question 5: The inverter performs the opposite function of a ________.
DiodeVacuum tubeRectifierHigh-voltage direct current

Question 6: A ________ allows AC power to be converted to any desired voltage, but at the same frequency.
TransformerTransformer typesInductorNikola Tesla

Question 7: When main power is restored, a ________ is used to supply DC power to recharge the batteries.
Vacuum tubeRectifierHigh-voltage direct currentDiode

Question 8: An ________ (UPS) uses batteries and an inverter to supply AC power when main power is not available.
TransformerSwitched-mode power supplyUninterruptible power supplyEmergency power system

Question 9: An inverter converts the DC electricity from sources such as batteries, solar panels, or ________ to AC electricity.
Fuel cellLead-acid batteryFlow batteryZinc-air battery

Question 10: This type of electromechanical inverter switch, called a vibrator or buzzer, was once used in ________ automobile radios.
DiodeX-rayHot cathodeVacuum tube


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