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Question 1: ________ is one method of protracting inverted nipples.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeryPlastic surgeryMedicineOrgan transplant

Question 2: If a woman elects to have this surgery performed on her inverted nipples, it can permanently destroy her capacity to ________.
AsthmaBreastfeedingCoeliac diseaseInfant formula

Question 3: The use of a ________ or other suction device immediately before a feeding may help to draw out inverted nipples.
BreastfeedingMilkBreast milkBreast pump

Question 4: There are special devices specifically designed to draw out inverted nipples or a homemade nipple protractor can be constructed out of a 10 cc disposable ________.
Hypodermic needlePlasticLiquidSyringe

Question 5: An ________ that latches on well may be able to slush out an inverted nipple.
Prenatal developmentInfantAttachment theoryPregnancy

Question 6: Some ________ designed for nipple stimulation, such as suction cups or clamps may also cause inverted nipples to protract or stay protracted longer.
Sex toyDildoVibrator (sex toy)Artificial vagina

Question 7: Women with inverted nipples may find that their nipples protract (come out) temporarily or permanently during pregnancy, or as a result of ________.
Coeliac diseaseAsthmaInfant formulaBreastfeeding

Question 8: An inverted nipple (occasionally invaginated nipple) is a nipple that, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the ________.
BreastFemale ejaculationRectumPenis

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