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Invertebrate trachea: Quiz


Question 1: Some terrestrial woodlice have evolved pseudotrachea, also called corpus alatum, which is made up of air tubes that delivers oxygen to their hemolymph; a similar system has been found in some ________.

Question 2: A tracheal tube may contain ridge-like circumferential rings of taenidia in various ________ such as loops or helices.
GeometryAlgebraic geometryManifoldMathematics

Question 3: The invertebrate trachea refers to the open respiratory system composed ofspiracles, tracheae, and tracheoles that Terrestrial ________ have evolved an to transport metabolic gasses to and from tissues.

Question 4: In some aquatic insects, the tracheae exchange gas through the body wall directly, in the form of a ________.
FishDemersal fishFish anatomyGill

Question 5: The smallest tubes, tracheoles, penetrate cells and serve as sites of diffusion for water, oxygen, and ________.
Carbon cycleCarbon sinkGreenhouse gasCarbon dioxide

Question 6: Unlike vertebrates, insects do not generally carry ________ in their hemolymph.

Question 7: Many insects, such as grasshoppers and ________, which actively pump the air sacs in their abdomen, are able to control the flow of air through their body.
EsoxBeeHoney beeCattle

Question 8: The tracheae are invaginations of the cuticular ________ that branch (anastomose) throughout the body with diameters from only a few micrometers up to 0.8mm.
SpongeArthropodExoskeletonSmall shelly fauna


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