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Question 1: In ________, the word inversion has several meanings.
Music theoryMusical formMusical notationClassical music

Question 2: Thus a perfect fourth becomes a perfect fifth, an augmented fourth becomes a diminished fifth, and a ________ (that is, one that is narrower than an octave) and its inversion, when added together, will equal an octave.
SemitoneMajor thirdInterval (music)Tritone

Question 3: Similarly, in twelve-tone technique, the inversion of the ________ is the so-called prime series turned upside-down.
Derived rowArnold SchoenbergTone rowPermutation (music)

Question 4: The concept of inversion also plays a role in ________.
Set theory (music)SymmetryInterval vectorTwelve-tone technique

Question 5: In ________ inversion may be usefully thought of as the compound operation transpositional inversion, which is the same sense of inversion as in the Inverted melodies section above, with transposition carried out after inversion.
Interval vectorSet theory (music)Twelve-tone techniqueSymmetry

Question 6: There are inverted chords, inverted melodies, inverted intervals, and (in ________) inverted voices.
Baroque musicMusicCounterpointFugue

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