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Inverse trigonometric functions: Quiz


Question 1: It also equals the principal value of the argument of the ________ x + iy.
Vector spaceField (mathematics)Real numberComplex number

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Inverse trigonometric functions have?
Partition Function P
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Function tones
Weber function

Question 3: List of identities
Exact constants
CORDICGenerating trigonometric tablesInverse trigonometric functionsTrigonometric functions

Question 4: These functions may also be expressed using ________.
Complex logarithmExponentiationCovering spaceRiemann surface

Question 5: ________ found a more efficient series for the arctangent, which is:
Joseph Louis LagrangeLeonhard EulerIsaac NewtonPierre-Simon Laplace

Question 6: Law of sines
Law of tangents
Pythagorean theorem
Trigonometric functionsHistory of trigonometryLaw of cosinesMathematics in medieval Islam

Question 7: Simple ________ for real and complex values of x are as follows:
IntegralCalculusDifferential calculusDerivative

Question 8: Like the sine and cosine functions, the inverse trigonometric functions can be calculated using ________, as follows:
Taylor seriesCompact spaceSeries (mathematics)Mathematical analysis

Question 9:
All of these can be derived using ________ and the simple derivative forms shown above.
Continuous functionImplicit and explicit functionsIntegralIntegration by parts

Question 10: An alternative to the power series for arctangent is its ________:
Euclidean algorithmGeneralized continued fractionSolving quadratic equations with continued fractionsNumber theory


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