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Inventions in medieval Islam: Quiz


Question 1: While the production of lusterware continued in the Middle East, it spread to Europe—first to ________, notably at Málaga, and then to Italy, where it was used to enhance maiolica.
Islamic contributions to Medieval EuropeHispaniaIslamic Golden AgeAl-Andalus

Question 2: [280] Al-Khwarizmi was the first to clearly establish algebra as a discipline that is independent of geometry and ________.

Question 3: Centuries later in 1206, Al-Jazari invented the crankshaft,[10][131] which he incorporated with a crank-connecting rod mechanism in his twin-cylinder ________.
TurbineBernoulli's principlePumpGas compressor

Question 4: ________ and jury trial: The closest predecessor to the English jury trial was the Lafif in the Maliki school of classical Islamic law and jurisprudence, which was developed between the 8th and 11th centuries.
Grand juryJuryJury (England and Wales)Jury nullification

Question 5: Programmable ________: See Analog computers below.
Analog computerAstrolabeAstronomical clockAbu Rayhan Biruni

Question 6: [298] Islamic quadrants used for various astronomical and timekeeping purposes from the 10th century also introduced markings with ________ and regular grids that are still identical to modern graph paper.
Vector spaceEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceOrthogonalityEuclidean vector

Question 7: A number of inventions were developed in the medieval Islamic world, a geopolitical region that has at various times extended from Spain and Africa in the west to the ________ and Malay Archipelago in the east.
AsiaArctic OceanSouth AsiaIndian subcontinent

Question 8: Hyder Ali's son, ________, continued to develop and expand the use of rocket weapons, reportedly increasing the number of rocket troops from 1,200 to a corps of 5,000.
Mangalorean CatholicsCongreve rocketTipu SultanKarnataka

Question 9: [10] They gave recipes for soaps made from sesame oil, ________, alkali, lime, and molds, leaving hard soap.
PotassiumUnited StatesRussiaPotash

Question 10: [276] The float regulator employed in the clock later had an important influence during the ________ of the 18th century, when it was employed in the boiler of a steam engine and in domestic water systems.
Thomas HighsIndustrial RevolutionTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionWilliam Radcliffe

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