Invention of radio: Quiz

Question 1: [1] Closely related, radio was developed along with two other key inventions, the ________ and the telephone.
United KingdomUnited StatesTelegraphyElectrical telegraph

Question 2: Transmission and radiation of radio frequency energy was a feature exhibited in the experiments by Tesla which he proposed might be used for the telecommunication of ________.
Systems engineeringInformationArtificial intelligenceElectrical engineering

Question 3: Bradford has recently contested this, however, based on theoretical work as well as a reenactment of the experiment; it is possible that what was heard was only random atmospheric noise, which was mistaken for a signal, or that Marconi may have heard a shortwave ________ of the signal.
OctaveHarmonicPerfect fourthUnison

Question 4: Hertz’s setup for a source and detector of radio waves (then called Hertzian waves[5] in his honor), comprised a primitive radio system capable of transmitting and receiving radio waves through ________.
Free spaceElectromagnetic radiationMagnetic fieldMaxwell's equations

Question 5: The court decision was based on the proven prior work conducted by others, such as by Nikola Tesla, Oliver Lodge, and ________, from which some of Marconi patents stemmed.
Lee De ForestMihajlo Idvorski PupinJohn Stone StoneElectrical engineering

Question 6: [35] Critics have claimed that it is more likely that Marconi received stray atmospheric noise from ________ in this experiment.
Atmospheric electricityLightningEarth's magnetic fieldAtmospheric physics

Question 7: In 1846 ________ speculated that light was a wave disturbance in a force field".
Michael FaradayCharles-Augustin de CoulombWilliam Thomson, 1st Baron KelvinJ. J. Thomson

Question 8: [2] In 1832 ________ performed experiments detecting electromagnetic effects over a distance of 200 feet and postulated the existence of electromagnetic waves.
Alexander Dallas BacheJoseph HenryMichael FaradayCharles Doolittle Walcott

Question 9: Based on the experimental work of Faraday and other physicists, ________ in 1864 developed the theory of electromagnetism that predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves.
Galileo GalileiCarl Friedrich GaussSir George Stokes, 1st BaronetJames Clerk Maxwell

Question 10: His receiver proved to be able to sense lightning strikes at distances of up to 30 km, thus functioning as a ________.
LIDARLightning detectionNephelometerWeather radar

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