Invasion of French Indochina: Quiz

Question 1: These positions effectively completed the blockade of China except through the route from ________.

Question 2: Despite bombing by the Japanese the ________ railway remained open.
Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureKunmingDiqing Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureYunnan

Question 3: [1] Control of Vichy-controlled ________ would make the blockade of China more effective and made continuation of the drawn out Battle of South Guangxi province unnecessary.
CochinchinaFrance–Vietnam relationsFrench IndochinaSino-French War

Question 4: Still the Vichy French had defenders in the north, south, and fresh battalions barring the route from Lang Son to ________ were in position.

Question 5: Led by Major-General Takuma Nishimura, it was supported by a flotilla of ships, and planes from aircraft carriers and air bases on ________.
BeijingHainanHong KongYunnan

Question 6: With the capture of Lanzhow the highway was now closed but a rail line still permitted shipment of material from Haiphong to ________.
KunmingXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous PrefectureYunnanDiqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

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