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Invasion and occupation of the Andaman Islands during World War II: Quiz


Question 1: Carrier ________ (although listed, she did not conduct air operations)
Nagara class cruiserJapanese aircraft carrier RyūjōJapanese aircraft carrier HiryūJapanese aircraft carrier Akagi

Question 2: The Sikh militia offered no resistance to the landings, and were disarmed and interned; many of them later enlisted in the ________.
INA trialsIndische LegionIndian National ArmyArzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind

Question 3: Destroyers- ________, Asagiri, Yugiri, Shirakumo
Japanese destroyer Yūgiri (1930)Japanese destroyer AmagiriJapanese destroyer Ayanami (1929)Japanese destroyer Asagiri (1929)

Question 4: The defence of the islands was assigned to the newly formed fighter squadron of the Kanoya Kokutai based at Tavoy in southern ________.

Question 5: Until 1938 the British government used them as a penal colony for Indian and ________ political prisoners, who were mainly put in the notorious Cellular Jail in Port Blair, the biggest town (port) on the islands.
African peopleScramble for AfricaIndigenous peoplesAfrican Union

Question 6: Following the fall of ________ on March 8, however, the British recognized that Port Blair had become impossible to defend, and on March 10 the Gurkhas were withdrawn to the Arakan peninsula.
ThanlyinYangonYangon DivisionDagon Township

Question 7: This fighter squadron was the former "Yamada Unit" under the control of the 22d Koku Sentai, then based at ________.
Butterworth, PenangPenangMalaysiaGeorge Town, Penang

Question 8: According to eyewitnesses Bird, a popular man known as "Chirrie" ('Bird' in ________) had his arms and legs twisted and broken, and was then beheaded by Colonel Bucho with his sword [3].
Hindustani languageSanskritHindiPunjabi language

Question 9: Bird, who had not been sent to ________ or Singapore like the other British captives, and of whom the Japanese were determined to make an example.
YangonThanlyinYangon DivisionDagon Township

Question 10: Destroyers-Fubuki, ________, Shirayuki, Murakami
Japanese destroyer Fubuki (1927)Japanese destroyer Ayanami (1929)Japanese destroyer Shirayuki (1928)Japanese destroyer Hatsuyuki (1928)


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