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Question 1:
Who played Jesse Varon the telemovie Invasion?
Evan Peters
Luke Perry
Eddie Cibrian
Jason Schombing

Question 2: [2] However, these barriers can require a large military force to provide the defense, as well as maintain the equipment and positions, which can impose a great ________ burden on the country.
Heterodox economicsEconomicsKeynesian economicsMoney

Question 3:
Who played Nurse Lim the telemovie Invasion?
Ariel Gade
Kim Cattrall
Tsai Chin
Yoko Tani

Question 4:
Who played Bubba Ray Dudley the telemovie Invasion?
Alois Havrilla
Mark LoMonaco
Niles Welch
Neal McDonough

Question 5:
Who played Smrkovsky the telemovie Invasion?
Alois Havrilla
Ray McAnally
Niles Welch
Tyler Labine

Question 6:
Who played Det. Kemper the telemovie Invasion?
Christopher Orr
Lyndon Brook
Jason Schombing
Jon Polito

Question 7:
What role did Yoko Tani play in the telemovie Invasion?
Kira Underlay
Cassy Winslow
Dr. Sheila Moran
Leader of the Lystrians

Question 8: The latter was an assault on the German-occupied ________ conducted in September 1944.

Question 9:
Who played Kriegel the telemovie Invasion?
Jeffrey Segal
Christopher Orr
Alois Havrilla
Hugh Morton

Question 10: ________ was established in the conquered territory and Plautius became governor of the new province.
Roman provinceHispaniaRoman BritainGallia Belgica


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