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Question 1: In Canada and Greenland, the Inuit circulated almost exclusively north of the "Arctic tree line", the ________ southern border of Inuit society; to the south, Native American cultures were well established.
MoroccoUnited KingdomDe factoUnited States

Question 2: [7][8] In Canada, the Constitution Act of 1982, sections 25 and 35 recognised the Inuit as a distinctive group of Canadian aboriginals, who are neither ________ nor Métis.
First Nations musicThe Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoplesNew FranceFirst Nations

Question 3:
Which of the following are related to Inuit?
Audi TT Mk2
Aleuts, Sadlermiut, Sireniki Eskimos, Yupiks
see List of Indigenous Australian group names
Fox News Live

Question 4: Myopia was almost unknown prior to the Inuit adoption of ________.
EuropeWestern cultureModern historyWestern world

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Distribution of Inuit language variants. (Yupik langıuage excluded)
  Some Inuit believed that the spirits of their ancestors could be seen in the northern lights
  Inupiat in a kayak, Noatak, Alaska, c. 1929 (photo by Edward S. Curtis)
  Inupiat woman, Alaska, circa 1907

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  Inupiat in a kayak, Noatak, Alaska, c. 1929 (photo by Edward S. Curtis)
  Inupiat family, Noatak, Alaska, 1930
  Typical clothing, Perry River, Canada, 1959.
  Inupiat woman, Alaska, circa 1907

Question 7: ________'s 1576 search for the Northwest Passage was the first well-documented post-Columbian contact between Europeans and Inuit.
Thanksgiving (Canada)Martin FrobisherNative Americans in the United StatesPilgrim (Plymouth Colony)

Question 8: [71] However, some Inuit believed that the lights were more sinister and if you ________ at them, they would come down and cut off your head.
Al JolsonWhistlingAndy Offutt IrwinJazz

Question 9: Some, such as the Siglit, used driftwood,[35] while others built ________ houses.
SodBrickworkPrairieSod house

Question 10: The last Inuit introduced to missionaries and writing were the Netsilik Inuit in Kugaaruk and north ________.
Ellesmere IslandMelville Island (Canada)Baffin IslandBylot Island

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