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Question 1: [1][2] According to the ________, as well as Gibson's own acknowledgements, the term ICE was originally coined by Tom Maddox.
TOPS-20Jargon FileLisp (programming language)PDP-10

Question 2: ________ features an item called "Hacker ICE-Breaker Source", which can be further upgraded to "Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics Upgrade".
Anarchy OnlineThe Longest JourneyThe Secret WorldDreamfall: The Longest Journey

Question 3: ________, upon which the Netrunner card game is based
William GibsonTranshumanismCyberpunk derivativesCyberpunk 2020

Question 4: ________, where an item that auto-hacks electronics is known as an "ICE Pick"
System Shock 2Thief: The Dark ProjectDeus ExUltima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

Question 5: ________, where ICE is represented in cyberspace as both autonomous security programs and ICE protection attached to data or software objects appearing as blue crystal formations.
Thief: The Dark ProjectUltima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssSystem Shock 2System Shock

Question 6: ________, where the player's hacking program is referred to as an "ICE Breaker".
Deus Ex: Invisible WarThief: Deadly ShadowsAnachronoxDeus Ex

Question 7: ________, in the episode "Born to the Purple"
Babylon 5: The GatheringCrusade (TV series)Babylon 5Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Question 8: ________ the second novel of William Gibson's "Sprawl trilogy"
The Difference EngineVirtual LightMona Lisa OverdriveCount Zero

Question 9: Takedown (2000), wherein a friend of ________ says in a club that he is the hacker known as "IceBreaker"
Kevin PoulsenDigital Equipment CorporationTsutomu ShimomuraKevin Mitnick

Question 10: Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics (ICE) is a term used in ________ literature to refer to security programs which protect computerized data from being accessed by hackers.
SteampunkScience fictionCyberpunk derivativesCyberpunk

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