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Question 1: [5] For example, a point mutation in intron 7 of the human gene ________ is highly correlated to the development of the psychiatric disorder schizophrenia[6].
Rs1799913Tryptophan hydroxylaseTPH1Serotonin

Question 2: ________ of introns within a gene may introduce greater variability of protein sequences translated from a single gene.
DNAPost-transcriptional modificationRNA splicingAlternative splicing

Question 3: There are two competing theories that offer alternative scenarios for the origin and early ________ of spliceosomal introns.
Introduction to evolutionEvolutionNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 4: The IE model, championed by Walter Gilbert,[12] proposes that introns are extremely old and numerously present in the earliest ancestors of prokaryotes and ________ (the progenote).

Question 5: This self-splicing activity was discovered by Thomas Cech, who shared the 1989 ________ with Sidney Altman for the discovery of the catalytic properties of RNA.
Elias James CoreyFrederick SangerRudolph A. MarcusNobel Prize in Chemistry

Question 6: Group II and III introns are similar and have a conserved ________.
Alpha sheetAlpha helixSecondary structureBeta sheet

Question 7: It was generally assumed that the sequence of any given intron is ________ with no biological function.
ProteinGeneticsNoncoding DNANon-coding RNA

Question 8: In this model, introns probably originated from ________.

Question 9: An intron is a DNA region within a ________ that is not translated into protein.

Question 10: The number and length of introns varies widely among ________, and among genes within the same species.
EvolutionLifeBiological classificationSpecies

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