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Introduction to general relativity: Quiz


Question 1: More concretely, they are formulated using the concepts of ________, in which the geometric properties of a space (or a spacetime) are described by a quantity called a metric.
Ricci curvatureRiemannian geometryManifoldDifferential geometry

Question 2: The same is true for quantities that are directly related to energy and momentum, namely internal ________ and tension.
PressureTemperaturePressure measurementForce

Question 3: In this way, a British expedition to Brazil and West Africa in 1919, directed by ________, confirmed that Einstein's prediction was correct, and the Newtonian predictions wrong.
General relativityAlbert EinsteinArthur Stanley EddingtonPaul Dirac

Question 4: Models based on general relativity play an important role in ________, and the success of these models is further testament to the theory's validity.
Celestial mechanicsUniverseAstronomyAstrophysics

Question 5: Their strong gravity is thought to be responsible for the intense ________ emitted by certain types of astronomical objects (such as active galactic nuclei or microquasars).
Ionizing radiationRadiationGamma rayRadioactive decay

Question 6: The first new effect is the ________ of light.
General relativityEquivalence principleGravitational redshiftRedshift

Question 7: To this end, a number of land-based ________ are in operation, and a mission to launch a space-based detector, LISA, is currently under development, with a precursor mission (LISA Pathfinder) due for launch in late 2009.
LIGOBig Bang ObserverGravitational wave detectorLaser Interferometer Space Antenna

Question 8: In 1907, however, the mathematician ________ introduced a geometric formulation of Einstein's special theory of relativity in which the geometry included not only space, but also time.
Henri PoincaréDavid HilbertHermann MinkowskiHermann Weyl

Question 9: It is also seen in astrophysical measurements, notably for light escaping the White Dwarf ________.
Alpha CentauriVegaSiriusBeta Canis Majoris

Question 10: Additional resources, including more advanced material, can be found in ________.
Introduction to general relativityBlack holeGravitationGeneral relativity


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