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Introduction to evolution: Quiz


Question 1: [18] This misunderstanding was called the inheritance of acquired characters and was part of the theory of transmutation of species put forward in 1809 by ________.
EvolutionJean-Baptiste LamarckCharles DarwinNatural selection

Question 2: Rapid environmental changes typically cause ________.
Conservation biologyEvolutionExtinctionHolocene extinction

Question 3: [28] Cuvier's theory of revolutions was later replaced by uniformitarian theories, notably those of James Hutton and ________ who proposed that the earth’s geological changes were gradual and consistent.
Charles LyellWilliam BucklandRoderick MurchisonThomas Henry Huxley

Question 4: In an attempt to explain extinction, Cuvier proposed the idea of “revolutions” or ________ in which he speculated that geological catastrophes had occurred throughout the earth’s history, wiping out large numbers of species.
GeologyUniformitarianismGeologic time scaleCatastrophism

Question 5: Cuvier noted that, in ________, each layer contained a specific group of fossils.
GeologyGeologic time scaleSandstoneSedimentary rock

Question 6: ________ (born 1941) proposes that much insight can be gained if we look at evolution from the gene's point of view; that is, that natural selection operates as an evolutionary mechanism on genes as well as organisms.
The God DelusionThe Ancestor's TaleRichard DawkinsThe Selfish Gene

Question 7: Such is the case in ________, which have small vestigial bones that appear to be remnants of the leg bones of their ancestors which walked on land.
Killer whaleWhaleRight whaleWhaling

Question 8: [30] One such transitional fossil is ________, an ancient organism that had the distinct characteristics of a reptile (such as a long, bony tail and conical teeth) yet also had characteristics of birds (such as feathers and a wishbone).
PalaeognathaeEnantiornithesArchaeopteryxModern birds

Question 9: It was thought that human embryos passed through an ________ then a reptilian stage before completing their development as mammals.

Question 10: This information is encoded in the sequence of ________ in the DNA, just as the sequence of the letters in words carries information on a page.
AdenineNucleotideAdenosine triphosphateAdenosine monophosphate


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