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Question 1: Exposure of one's intimate parts, particularly unintended exposure, is typically connected with feelings of ________.

Question 2: If this is done without legally valid consent of the person being touched, it is often considered sexual harassment or ________.
Sexual assaultSexual abuseProstitutionRape

Question 3: However, in Europe, it is common in some countries for women to have their breasts exposed in beaches and certain swimming pools and for mothers to ________ their very young children in public.
BreastfeedingAsthmaCoeliac diseaseInfant formula

Question 4: Such acts may be subject to strict social rules, social control and ________; see nudity and indecent exposure.
PoliceCrimeCriminal justiceLaw

Question 5: Definitions vary, but in ________ they are primarily the parts involved in sexual arousal, procreation, and elimination of excreta and related matter, including:
EuropeWestern cultureWestern worldModern history

Question 6: for females: the vagina, vulva, and the ________ and nipples
RectumFemale ejaculationPenisBreast

Question 7: An intimate, personal, or private part is a place on the human body which it is usually customary to keep covered with ________ in public areas, as a matter of decency.
Dress codeClothingSilkWool

Question 8: In Islamic traditions, the definition of intimate parts is similar to its definition in ________.
Modern historyEuropeWestern cultureWestern world

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