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Question 1: The name or the label of an interval is determined by counting the number of diatonic degrees between the two ________ beginning with one for the lower note.
NoteSemitonePitch (music)Octave

Question 2: In ________, each semitone is exactly 100 cents.
Bohlen–Pierce scaleJust intonationEqual temperamentPitch class

Question 3: A limma is the ratio 256:243, which is the semitone in ________.
Bohlen–Pierce scaleJust intonationMusical temperamentPythagorean tuning

Question 4: A ________ is half the width of a semitone, which is half the width of a whole tone.
SavartCent (music)Quarter toneMillioctave

Question 5: It is expressed by the ________ ratio 531441:524288, and is equal to 23.46 cents.
FrequencyWaveElectromagnetic radiationSound

Question 6: ________ are relative terms that refer to the stability, or state of repose, of particular musical effects.
Just intonationConsonance and dissonanceHarry Partch's 43-tone scaleCent (music)

Question 7: David Cope (1997) suggests the concept of ________[5], in which an interval's strength, consonance, or stability is determined by its approximation to a lower and stronger, or higher and weaker, position in the harmonic series.
OctaveInterval (music)Perfect fourthSemitone

Question 8: Most of the following intervals may be described as ________.
Quarter toneJust intonationMicrotonal musicSemitone

Question 9: In ________ all intervals (or interval classes) are considered equally consonant melodically and harmonically.
SerialismAtonalityModernismArnold Schoenberg

Question 10: The ________ is P8, and a unison is usually referred to simply as "a unison" but can be labeled P1.
FifteenthInterval (music)OctaveSemitone


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