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Question 1: International standard ________ also defines another notation for intervals, which seems to be more commonly taught in Europe[citation needed] and South America.
ISO 31-11ISO/IEC 8859-16ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Interval (mathematics) have?
Bad Scene and a Basement Show
The Prelude
Anchor / Sugar In Your Gas Tank

Question 3: In countries where numbers are written with a ________, a semicolon may be used as a separator, to avoid ambiguity.
United StatesDecimal separatorAzerbaijanCyprus

Question 4: The open intervals coincide with the ________ of the real line in its standard topology.
Open setMetric spaceClosed setTopological space

Question 5: An interval is said to be left-open if and only if it has no minimum (an element that is smaller than all other elements); right-open if it has no ________; and open if it has both properties.
Second derivative testReal numberOptimization (mathematics)Maxima and minima

Question 6: This is one formulation of the ________.
Intermediate value theoremConnected spaceContinuous functionReal number

Question 7: The concept of measure can then be extended to more complicated sets of real numbers, leading to the Borel measure and eventually to the ________.
Null setMeasure (mathematics)Borel setLebesgue measure

Question 8: In ________, a (real) interval is a set of real numbers with the property that any number that lies between two numbers in the set is also included in the set.
MathematicsMathematical logicSet theoryGeometry

Question 9: The dyadic intervals thus have a structure very similar to an infinite ________.
Binary treeBinary tree (data structure)B-treeTree (data structure)

Question 10: Real intervals play an important role in the theory of ________, because they are the simplest sets whose "size" or "measure" or "length" is easy to define.
CalculusDerivativeContinuous functionIntegral


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