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Question 1: ________ is available regularly with the tides but varies from fresh with rain to highly saline and dry salt with drying between tidal inundations.
OxygenWater resourcesEarthWater

Question 2: ________ and limpets in the intertidal zone near Newquay, Cornwall.

Question 3: ________ in the intertidal zone are adapted to an environment of harsh extremes.

Question 4: Mussels in the intertidal zone in ________, England.

Question 5: A rock pool in the intertidal zone shown during low tide, Sunrise-on-Sea, ________.
CanadaMauritiusSouth AfricaSierra Leone

Question 6: The area can be a narrow strip, as in ________ that have only a narrow tidal range, or can include many meters of shoreline where shallow beach slope interacts with high tidal excursion.
HawaiiFrench PolynesiaPacific IslandsCook Islands

Question 7: Some microclimates in the littoral zone are ameliorated by local features and larger plants such as ________.
Neotropic ecozoneMangroveMontane grasslands and shrublandsDeserts and xeric shrublands

Question 8: ________ in the littoral zone is for making use of nutrients supplied in high volume on a regular basis from the sea which is actively moved to the zone by tides.
Natural selectionAdaptationEvolutionModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 9: One recent example is the ________.
New Zealand National PartyNew Zealand foreshore and seabed controversyMāori PartyNew Zealand First

Question 10: This area is also protected from large predators such as large ________ because of the wave action and the water still being relatively shallow.
FishForage fishPelagic fishFish anatomy


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