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Question 1: The interstellar medium begins where the interplanetary medium of the ________ ends.
Solar SystemEarthSunPluto

Question 2: Before modern ________, early physicists postulated that an invisible luminiferous aether existed as a medium to carry lightwaves.
ElectromagnetismMetamaterialMaxwell's equationsMagnetic field

Question 3: In his historic study of the spectrum and orbit of Delta Orionis, Hartmann observed the ________ coming from this star and realized that some of this light was being absorbed before it reached the Earth.

Question 4: Therefore, bound levels within an ________ or molecule in the ISM are rarely populated according to the Boltzmann formula (Spitzer 1978, § 2.4).

Question 5: The apparent rifts that can be seen in the band of the ________— a uniform disk of stars— are caused by absorption of background starlight by molecular clouds within a few thousand light years of Earth.
Galactic CenterGalaxyMilky WayLocal Group

Question 6: Stars are born deep inside large complexes of ________, typically a few parsecs in size.
SupernovaMolecular cloudStellar classificationStellar kinematics

Question 7: In the region beyond the termination shock, called the ________, interstellar matter interacts with the solar wind.
Bow shockSolar variationSunHeliosphere

Question 8: Far ________ radiation penetrates deeply due to the low optical depth.
UltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumX-rayInfrared

Question 9: The energy that occupies the same volume, in the form of ________, is the interstellar radiation field.
Classical electromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetism

Question 10: ________ range from a few thousand to a few hundred million particles per cubic meter with an average value in the Milky Way Galaxy of a million particles per cubic meter (1 atom per cubic centimeter).

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