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Question 1: a dying (yet persistently honest) ex-advertiser (Chris Cooper) whose ________ has given him an affinity for dynamite and the truth;
Non-small cell lung carcinomaSolitary pulmonary noduleMesotheliomaLung cancer

Question 2: The story then switches over to Neal Oliver (Marsden) who works at a warehouse in ________, at night on the stocking crew that gets food ready to be delivered to local grocery stores.
Greater St. LouisKansas City, MissouriSt. Louis, MissouriSt. Louis County, Missouri

Question 3: a lonely mother looking for her slacker son, who turns out to be living in a city where the population is addicted to a government-controlled drug; ________ is the local police chief with a penchant for dry humor.
Kurt RussellJohn CarpenterElvis (1979 film)Charles Bronson

Question 4: a Museum of Art Fraud run by ________ that actually contains real masterpieces posing as fakes that are undetected by the visiting poseurs,
Ann-MargretBette MidlerLiza MinnelliMeryl Streep

Question 5: Grant happily greets Neal, and hands him a bag containing a 'birthday present.' The present turns out to be a ________, which can answer any yes or no questions that Neal asks it.
MattelBart SimpsonMagic 8-BallHomer Simpson

Question 6: Interstate 60 at the ________
Amazon.comBox Office MojoInternet Movie DatabaseCDNOW

Question 7: Interstate 60 is a 2002 metaphysical comedy/drama road film starring James Marsden, ________, and Amy Smart, with cameos by Michael J.

Question 8: The officer explains the American ________ to Neal.
Interstate Highway SystemU.S. stateMarylandUnited States Numbered Highways

Question 9: One of them makes an argument that America is unique in that it has no real ________ character for granting wishes.
Myth and ritualMythologyReligion and mythologyGreek mythology

Question 10: Grant, the son of a ________ and a Cheyenne Indian.
LeprechaunCailleachBansheeAos Sí

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