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Interrobang: Quiz


Question 1: The Interrobang can be used in some word processors with the alt code ALT+8253 when working in a font that supports the interrobang, or using an ________ that performs font substitution.
Operating systemMac OS XLinuxUnix

Question 2: On a ________ system supporting the Compose Key, an interrobang can be produced by pressing the compose key followed by the question mark and the exclamation mark in either order.
LinuxOpenSolarisGNUSCO-Linux controversies

Question 3: [9] ________ encodes this character at the code point U+2E18.
Universal Character SetUTF-8Han unificationUnicode

Question 4: [5] The interrobang was in vogue for much of the 1960s, with the word interrobang appearing in some ________ and the mark itself being featured in magazine and newspaper articles.
Bilingual dictionaryLexicographyDictionaryWordNet

Question 5: [citation needed] They are also currently used in ________ with "!?" showing an interesting move that may not be the best, and "?!" showing a dubious move that may be difficult to refute.
French languageDescriptive chess notationChess pieceAlgebraic chess notation

Question 6: As the head of an ________, Speckter believed that advertisements would look better if copywriters conveyed surprised rhetorical questions using a single mark.
BrandAdvertising agencyCopywritingHavas

Question 7: It can be used in ________ and XML documents with ‽ or ‽.
HTMLOpenDocumentECMAScriptPortable Document Format

Question 8: The interrobang can be displayed in ________ by using the package textcomp and the command \textinterrobang.

Question 9: It is at ________ code point U+203D.
Han unificationUTF-8Universal Character SetUnicode

Question 10: They were prevalent in informal media such as print ________ and comic books.
Advertising researchProduct placementAdvertisingBrand

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